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Need a study buddy?

On our SIMPLY BIBLE YouTube channel, you will find a few “how-to”videos, along with a library full of what we affectionately call “study buddy” videos.

Neither fancy nor techy, Carmen simply does her own  study, flips on the camera and shares her insights from the day’s SIMPLY BIBLE passage as if you are on the other side of her desk.

You’ll get to know Carmen and how she approaches knowing and enjoying God through the Bible. Find a library of playlists that coordinate with many of the SIMPLY BIBLE books. 

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Connect with others.

Bible study is meant to be done in a community where we share and encourage one another. Our private Facebook page provides a great place to ask questions and connect with  others.

Our Online Studies

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At SIMPLY BIBLE, we believe in and create our resources to support Christ’s mission for the local church. We encourage everyone to actively attend and serve in a local church, but if your church is unable to utilize SIMPLY BIBLE resources at this time, we regularly offer online study groups. These have limited availability. Join our community to stay up-to-date on the latest studies being offered.

Our Blog

Pondering God and the Bible

SIMPLY BIBLE is on mission to inspire others to know and enjoy God through the Bible. These writings are intended to encourage you in your pursuit of God as well as offer practical Bible study tidbits.

The SIMPLY BIBLE Framework

Let us walk you through the SIMPLY BIBLE framework. Learn about our layout designed to help you read, understand, and enjoy God’s word.



What does the Bible say?



What does the Bible mean?



What does Scripture mean for your life today? How will you think or live differently?

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