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Preparing for Advent

Ever feel overwhelmed at Christmastime? Personally, I find it challenging to stay focused on the central point of Christmas: Jesus. In the midst of all the holiday hubbub, the Son of the Most High easily gets put on the back-burner of my heart. He simmers there until the obligatory honorable mention in a dinner prayer.

What if, this year, we put knowing and enjoying Jesus first?

That’s the gist of celebrating Advent.

Want to join me in keeping Jesus first? Using the passages from Luke and Matthew that speak to the birth of Jesus, Simply Bible Advent will guide us through small chunks of these passages. Really, all you need is ten to fifteen minutes a day to glean a nugget of truth about Him. If you want more, linger longer in His Word or watch the daily video posted on the Simply Bible YouTube channel.

This year, as the press proclaims the supply shortage of gifts for gift-giving, we can rest easy. We have the greatest gift of all. Let’s not shortchange ourselves on knowing and enjoying the true gift of Christmas: Jesus.

With joy,



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