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Navigating Change

Recently, my youngest daughter chopped off 14 inches of hair! At the same time, she added some babylights to her never-before-colored hair. Okay, moms are always biased, but isn’t it adorable?

Yet shortly afterwards, she experienced buyer’s remorse. What do you do when you can’t put it in a ponytail anymore? Change is hard!

Some of you have heard the news, but for others this may be new news. I too have made a significant change. (Nope! I still wear the same platinum, um… gray hair.) This past spring, I made the following announcement to the women of our church:

God is calling me to help more people know and enjoy Him through Simply Bible. In order to do that, I am stepping down from the role of Women’s Ministry Director here at The Chapel in Green. By focusing on one thing, Simply Bible, the goal is to equip more people to know and enjoy God through the Bible.

In recent days, I’ve wondered what in the world I’ve done!

  1. I love the women of my church. Our hearts remain intertwined with God and each other. That naturally happens when you relentlessly pursue God through His Word together with others.
  2. As a women’s ministry director, I enjoyed a beautiful window seat into God’s good, heart-transforming work, and honestly, it is hard to let this seat go. I feel safe with these women. And it is these women who bravely helped to birth something called Simply Bible. Their fingerprints, faces, and most significantly, their hearts are written all over this.
  3. I felt comfortable, sort of like I knew what I was doing. When I began that role nearly 5 years ago, we had 7-9 active small group leaders. We trained and equipped over 50 more. By God’s grace and the brave work of these leaders, hundreds of women learned and continue to learn how to study their Bibles, in order to know and enjoy God. And when I say enjoy, I mean we are, through the Bible, experiencing God in heart-transforming ways. My own heart included. We think and live and pray differently.

Since our Simply Bible Psalms ended in the spring, I have been hunkered down creating:

  1. More Simply Bible books. Simply Bible Ruth and Esther are now available!
  2. A ministry plan. As a teacher and author, I’m not necessarily business-oriented. The thought of creating a plan for a new organization was overwhelming and, honestly, a bit terrifying. Chris Young at Good Place Holdings guided me step-by-step through the process. I highly recommend.
  3. A 501c3 application. Simply Bible is growing from books to a little fledging ministry, with the hope of helping more people know and enjoy God.

What a leap of faith! I feel like a fish out of water! Change is hard. This summer, I miss “my people.” Miss the window seat. And… I feel totally inept.

But just like nearly five years ago, I’m seeking to follow Christ where He is leading. You see, back then, when my pastor asked me to pray about becoming a women’s ministry director, I prayed. On a morning prayer walk, I point blank said to Jesus, “I’ve never been a women’s ministry director before. How do I lead women? And point blank, it felt like Jesus answered, “I lead. You follow me.” I pretty much answered, “Oh! I can do that!”

I surely did not know what I was doing then! But Jesus did. I don’t know what I am doing now. But Jesus does. He is still leading. I am still following.

Just like my daughter has settled into and has even begun even enjoying her new look, I will too. But part of managing change is community. Friends encourage one another.

Would you join me in this Simply Bible journey? We are on mission to know and enjoy God and equip others to do the same. Join and invite others to the Simply Bible community. Here are ways to be involved:

  1. Pray. We can pray anywhere, anytime. But consider joining a small group of women who gather to pray for Simply Bible on Monday evenings, 7-8pm (EST).
  2. Join a study. Ruth begins September 6th. And we will have options! Connect with an online group. Study independently. Lead a group at your church. Along with the books, plenty of video resources will be available.
  3. Interested in leading a Simply Bible study in your church, at home or online? Join Leader’s Live beginning in August to connect with other leaders and personally study with me.

Friend, as I write this, I wonder, what change are you experiencing? Do you find change hard? What are you learning about Jesus through it? I love hearing from you!

With joy,



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