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Welcome to SIMPLY BIBLE! Our mission is to help one another personally engage with God through the Bible.

With SIMPLY BIBLE, you will:

1. Read the Bible.

2. Learn to understand and relate to God’s Word.

3. Enjoy time with God.

Be encouraged. Bible study is not rocket science. God wants to be known! He gave us His Word and His Spirit for that purpose… to know Him and His ways. He’ll lead the way.

SIMPLY BIBLE is different from other studies. The workbooks are purposefully designed with space to teach a woman how to engage with God and His Word for herself… how to read and ask her own questions in much the same way a pastor would as he prepares for a sermon. The lessons are formatted to guide the reader through those steps. The goal is to listen to God’s story versus the author’s stories.

I love God’s Word. When I spend time engaging with it, God transforms my heart and the way I live and think. Through SIMPLY BIBLE it’s been fun to watch Him transform the hearts of others, too. Ideally, a student needs to work through at least one workbook in order to get the hang of the inductive method.

There’s joy when it clicks. I enjoy exploring how to better teach others to engage directly with God’s Word and especially how to make it less confusing. That’s the kind of thing- and anything Bible or Jesus related- I’ll talk about on this blog. Please subscribe and join in the conversation. If you prefer video, join our SIMPLY BIBLE YouTube channel. You’re also welcome to join our private online SIMPLY BIBLE Face Book study group.

Ultimately, SIMPLY BIBLE provides tools to know and love Jesus. That’s our goal. So welcome! I look forward to better knowing and loving Him together with you. I and am beyond excited and humbled that you’re here.

With joy,


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