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According to recent Barna research findings, 85% of engaged believers express a desire for greater Bible use outside of church. If you find yourself in this same wishing-for-something-more boat, have you ever wondered what your ideal Bible study would be? As much as I value Simply Bible, my ideal Bible study is not Simply Bible.

What is my ideal? What would keep me engaged with my Bible day in and day out?

Imagine the following:

It’s early. I brew some hot tea and grab, of course, my Bible. As I open it up, I pray a little prayer asking Jesus to help me understand. Just at that moment, guess who walks in?

“JESUS?!!” I exclaim!

“Yep! That’s me!” Jesus cheerfully responds with a smile radiating kindness like I’ve never, ever seen before.

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s the Author Himself!

I’m swooning. Kneeling. Awestruck.

Yet, longing for relationship as much as I do, Jesus simply settles in to talk about what I’m reading. He happily listens as I share. He’s not exasperated or disappointed by my questions or my confusion. Rather he readily answers questions, explains, teaches and then when the time seems right, He reminds me about a particular issue I’m facing and shows me how this passage especially applies to that situation. It feels a little awkward, because I didn’t know that He even knew about that scenario. Thankfully, it’s all on the table now. And lo and behold! I clearly see the right next thing that I need to do that day.

It’s time for us both to get to work, but similarly to how the two men felt on the road to Emmaus when Jesus showed up (Luke 24:13-35),

They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?” – Luke 24:32

My own heart is pounding! I’m encouraged and on fire.

Because Jesus explains the Bible in a way that says “I love you,” I remember His Words and how I felt in His Presence for the rest of the day!

I live differently too. As I personally encountered Jesus, I can’t contain my joy. My excitement is contagious. What I learned from Him just sort of naturally spills over into my day and into my conversations. I want everyone to share in God’s goodness.

Sounds amazing, huh?

Some day.

So, friend, until THAT day, we will provide Simply Bible resources because everybody deserves a simple and effective way to know and enjoy God through the Bible.

Simply Bible is a unique study guide designed to help people connect and engage directly with God on a personal level through His Word and through His Holy Spirit Presence. Rather than answering someone else’s questions about the Bible, people learn to be curious and ask God their own questions… honestly engaging with God Himself through His Word.

The daily framework of Simply Bible delivers a fresh way to dig deeper into Scripture by focusing on one book of the Bible, a few verses at a time, with prompts to make observations, take note of key words, ponder main points, record prayer, and more.

With Simply Bible, whether you have 10 minutes for a taste of Scripture or hours to indulge, the Bible begins to make sense!

Time with God becomes enjoyable, hearts are transformed and people come alive. Why? Because God speaks through His Word. He explains, inspires, and equips making the Bible personally relevant to our everyday life. He clarifies Who He is and who we are. And He does it in a way that says, “I love you.”

If you’re in that “wishing-for-something-more” boat, now is an ideal time to step out and join us as we seek to know and enjoy God through His Word! Simply Bible Esther kicks off this month and we’d love to study with you.

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” – Charles H. Spurgeon

With joy,



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