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I want a heart like Jesus.

God touched my heart through a baptism on Easter Sunday. I teared up on and off all day considering God’s good work in Allison, who sought to draw near to Him by joining with others in a Simply Bible study. She shared her beautiful story of knowing and enjoying Jesus with my church and is graciously sharing it with our Simply Bible community.

Three phrases from her story pierced my heart because I use these phrases when teaching others about Simply Bible.

One: I didn’t realize what I was missing.

So many of us are missing out on intimately knowing God through His Word. We are starving. Lacking the spiritual food needed to sustain us, we crawl through the day-to-day on empty. This conundrum relates to the whole purpose of Simply Bible. It points to why God nudged me to write these books in the first place: so that people might learn to confidently know Him through His Word! When we personally connect with the God of the Bible, when we learn to be curious with Him, ask Him questions and seek Him, we come alive! He renews life in us as He reveals Who He is and His promises to us.

Two: I want a heart like Jesus.

Oh! This statement brings tears all over again. Allison’s words sum up my hope and prayer for the Simply Bible community! May we hunger and thirst for more of Jesus and more of His Word in order to be unified with His heart. To think and live like Him! Together may our hearts cry: I want a heart like Jesus!

Three: The other ladies were such an encouragement.

When we connect face-to-face with God through the Bible, we come alive. Without realizing it, we help encourage others! The other women in Allison’s group were alive and couldn’t help but share their love of God and His Word. We are meant to study the Bible in community. The very best place to be is in a local church. Simply Bible provides effective resources to help groups flourish with Jesus.

Friend, I was blessed to witness and celebrate Allison’s baptism. I hope you will feel equally blessed as you take a few moments to hear her story.

Lord God, We praise Your heart of love and grace and mercy! Thank You for the blessing of knowing and enjoying You and Your heart through Your Word. May we and our dear ones hunger and thirst for more of You. Please give us hearts like Jesus!

Consider gathering with friends and introduce someone new to the gift of knowing and enjoying God through the Bible. Study videos for Simply Bible Jonah will be available on YouTube beginning May 29th. Purchase your book (and maybe one for a friend) on Amazon.

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