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How Could I Forget?

How could I forget?!

Yep! A few days ago, I wrote a blog inviting folks to our Simply Bible study of I & II Peter. But guess what? I completely forgot to mention the book!

Our brand new Simply Bible I & II Peter is available direct from Amazon. The online study begins next week, and so, you may want to order yours today.

To be fair, within the Simply Bible workbooks, I mention a not-so-secret truth: The workbook is not necessary for inductive Bible study. (It’s true.) What is necessary for inductive study is a Bible and a notebook. That said, the Simply Bible workbooks are designed to make it easy to dig into God’s Word.

Obviously, I’m not a book seller.

I’m a Bible teacher who enjoys inspiring others to know God through His Word. A few years ago, God put it on my heart to lead women directly to His Word. Hence, I authored a workbook to provide a tool for doing just that: knowing God directly through His Word. A Simply Bible study breaks up Scripture into easily accessible chunks and then guides the reader through the simple steps of inductive study.

I’m always excited by stories of how God uses these studies to transform hearts. This past week, Kara wrote to thank me:

Hello – I am loving your study series and have completed the ephesians, philippians, and colossians studies. I am in the middle of galatians. Thank you so much for such a wonderful study – it has been life changing.

I then thanked her for her encouraging words and mentioned that sometime I would love to know how the studies had been life changing.

Kara’s response blew me away:

I would love to tell you!

I have really struggled with how to study the Bible so when a bible study group was starting (Colossians) at my church with your book that taught you how to study, I was all in! I love how this process makes you really take your time reading the scripture so you actually digest it rather than gloss over it and miss all the richness and fullness of the text. I had no idea what a concordance was, let alone how to use it, but since learning this method I have gotten very good at using the Blue Letter Bible website and my own physical concordance.

I am just blown away at how much learning about the words in their original form opens up the scripture in a whole new way! I also had never used commentaries before, so I have purchased the Holman Commentary that my group leader recommended. This has been super helpful to use after I have done a chapter to go back in and further solidify my learning and clarify anything that I might not have understood correctly.

The final thing I love is the layout of your books. They are beautiful and give me lots of space to do my own thing around all of the boxes and on the chapter ends for drawing word pictures. I then take the word pictures I have come up with to help me learn the scripture and transfer them in color to a large index card and hang them on my wall in my study room so that I can be reminded of them daily. I find myself thinking about these often which helps me to recall the text when I am in need of it when I go about my day.

Even more importantly, I think this has helped me gain confidence in speaking about the Bible to other people, especially my children. I am far from being complete but I am thankful that I am not where I once was and I can see myself growing (even if it is ever so slowly!) more into who Jesus wants me to be. I can’t wait to see how He continues to change me.

So thank you again for your lovely study! I just never could seem to get other “fill in the blank” studies to stick in my head. This format however has forever changed me because it has unlocked the scriptures in a way I never thought possible. I cannot tell you how in love with the Bible I am now and amazed every day at what is in it.

Just maybe, Kara’s words will inspire others to give inductive study a try. Join us as we dig into Simply Bible I & II Peter together and know Living Hope.

Use the flexible options and follow along our study of Simply Bible I & II Peter:

  1. Join our private Simply Bible Face Book page.
  2. Subscribe to our Simply Bible Study You Tube channel.
  3. Register and connect with a small group of women on Zoom.
  4. Study independently at your own pace or invite a friend(s) to join you.

And yes! Don’t forget your book!

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