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Hope is Just Around the Corner!

HOPE is just around the corner!

Have you been feeling more hopeless than hopeful? In the midst of these crazy days, it’s easy to be overcome by stress and worry. And so, there’s never been a better time for Bible study!

Bible study is not about the books or filling in the questions with the right answers. It’s about knowing God. Think about that! We actually can know and relate with the Living God?! And He invites us to engage with Him through His Word. When we do, He has this way of transforming hopeless hearts to HOPE-FULL hearts.

Peter walked with THE Living Hope. He ate with Him. Drank with Him. And followed Him everywhere. Peter knew hope. Preached hope. Lived hope. Through his letters to the scattered church, Peter explains how we can too. I’m excited to invite you to join our brand new online Simply Bible study of I & II Peter!

Weekly online studies begin September 9th. Choose from several flexible options according to your needs:

  1. Join us for live teaching on Zoom and connect with others via Zoom small groups.

  2. Follow independently using our private Face Book group or YouTube.

  3. Invite a friend(s) to do this together with you! (We can even provide a Zoom breakout room for you to meet and discuss what you’re learning.)

Sometimes all you need is fifteen minutes a day to exchange worry and anxiety for peace and hope. You’ll learn how to:

  1. See the Bible by asking God questions.

  2. Answer those questions and know God.

  3. Apply and live what He has to say.

The Simply Bible inductive study process just takes a little practice. By trying and sticking with it, God transforms hearts from hopeless to hopeful. I know because through I & II Peter, He’s doing just that in my own heart.

I hope you’ll join me! To receive more details and an invite, simply visit our Event Page or fill out an online registration through The Chapel in Green’s women’s ministries.

With joy,


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