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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a busy woman go through SIMPLY BIBLE?

How would I get started?

1. Choose a book! You can view all the options here.

2. Open the book and read the introduction. You’ll learn the basics of inductive Bible study.  We’ve also created this quick video to show you how SIMPLY BIBLE works.

3. Pick a regular time to dig in. Maybe even invite a friend for weekly discussions on what you are learning together.

How is SIMPLY BIBLE different from other studies?

Which book should I start with?

Begin with any book!  Each one comes with instructions on how to get started.


John is a great place to start- you'll really get to know Jesus! 

Click here and listen to an interview with Carmen Beasley talk more about the books.

Can I use SIMPLY BIBLE in a small group? What about at my church?

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Carmen Beasley is the author of the SIMPLY BIBLE series. She has thirty years of ministry experience in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.


Her passion is teaching women to engage with God and his Word through inductive study. You can read more about Carmen here!

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