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Exchange Worries for Peace With God

It’s no fun to be isolated, stressed, afraid, worried, and anxious.

Some ministry experts are saying that women can’t handle Bible study right now- it’s too much. In the midst of sickness, financial loss, job loss, working from home, spouses working from home, home schooling children, this corona virus has turned our worlds upside down. All sense of normalcy and equilibrium have vanished. POOF!

But I’m hearing, “Carmen, we’re falling apart without Bible study! Please help!”

This past spring when COVID hit, we were able to finish our God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Bible study on Zoom. And women loved it!

Being with God in His Word kept us grounded.

In the last year, we’ve learned so much about God through our study of Genesis. Believe it or not, the number one takeaway has been God’s love. Number two? His mercy. Go figure. Who would have said, “I’m going to study Genesis and learn about God’s love and His mercy?” No one. Yet time and again, God demonstrated that He loves us and longs to be with us.

And today, it’s that one little word that stands out: with.

In Genesis we see people, like Enoch and Noah, who walk with God. And we see God walk and talk and be with people. We see God remain faithful and be with people, even as they make a mess of things. Think Adam and Eve. Think Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. At some point, each gave way to fear, each forgot God, and each did reckless things. Yet God remained faithful. He remained with them. And as descendants of Abraham through Jesus Christ, God remains with us today.

This idea of “with” kept the wheels on the bus for those of us who studied together as COVID hit. I received over 21 pages of comments concerning the spring study. What did women learn? Here are a handful of take-a-ways:

This faithful God keeps His promises. He will provide and be with me.

God is the Hero.

God is faithful even when we fear and is with me.

God is the “God Who Sees.”

God is always faithful. Even in the midst of chaos!

Fear not for God is with me.

I am never alone. God loves me.

Do you hear the underlying themes? God is faithful. God is with me.

With is a preposition that means to be somewhere. So where is God? Together with us. Beside us. It’s related to a word that means near, as in mouth to mouth near. That’s how close God is. Even in COVID chaos.

But to know this, we have to spend time with God in His Word. When we do, He whispers His assurance to us. He reminds us that His promises are sure.

God declares: “You are loved. You are valued. You are NEVER alone.”

And then, as we take these promises and live life with Him, He exchanges our our stresses and fears with courage and peace.

Whether you’ve been a part of our previous Genesis studies or not, you’re invited to join our Life of Joseph study this summer. The theme of with God continues! Joseph, twice thrown into a pit, experiences God with him.

This is a go-at-your-own-pace study for the summer. If you like, I’ll be your personal study buddy as we post short daily videos five days a week. Of course, if you’d like to connect with a group, please contact nikki.voyles@thechapel.life.

Friends, it’s easy to take part. No registration necessary!

  1. Order your BOOK HERE.
  2. JOIN our Simply Bible Study private Face Book group HERE.
  3. SUBSCRIBE to our Simply Bible YouTube channel for the daily videos.

Also, if you’re new to SIMPLY BIBLE, check out our START HERE videos on YouTube. You’ll be all set to follow along! We’ll begin posting The Life of Joseph videos next week.

It’s no fun being isolated and stressed. This summer take time to be with God. He longs to be with you.

Lord God,You are faithful. Your promises are sure. You don’t want us to be isolated or anxious or afraid. Thank You for Your Word where time and again You demonstrate how You long to be God with us. Help us to long to be with You. Give us a hunger and thirst for more of You and Your Word.

Looking ahead:

  1. September: I & II Peter
  2. January: Psalms

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