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exodus 1-12

7-week study

In Exodus 1-12, see the LORD powerfully reveal Himself as the I AM WHO I AM to Moses, the Israelites, Pharoah and the Egyptians. The LORD rescues. He miraculously breaks the chains of His people and sets them free from bondage. Through this study, better know the I AM WHO I AM Who continues to set hearts free today. 

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exodus 13-23

9-week study

Experience the LORD providing for His people in Exodus 13-23. Outside of Egypt, His miracles continue as He shepherds a wayward people with a propensity for grumbling through the wilderness towards the promised land. Rest in the God Who provides and fights on behalf of His people. We have only to be still.

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exodus 24-40

10-week study

In Exodus 24-40, find the LORD Who is very present with His people. As former slaves, they are footloose and fancy free, but how shall they now live outside of bondage? Exactly how should God be worshiped? Know and enjoy God Who graciously instructs a wayward people. Learn more about what it means to live, love and worship the I AM WHO I AM.



5-week study

Facing troubling circumstances, feeling lonely or struggling to forgive someone? Journey with Jonah. This adventure dives deep to chase after God’s grace found in fish bellies and beyond.  Sometimes it is in the pits where our hearts find their rest in God’s heart and are transformed by His grace.  

sermon on the mount

8-week study

Of Jesus’s teachings, Sermon on the Mount offers one of the most celebrated and timeless messages. Jesus addresses practical life issues: contentment, anger, marriage, temptation, forgiveness, worry and so much more. Sit, listen and ponder as Jesus delivers an open window into God's heart for us.


10-week study

Need help in day-to-day living, especially when trials come?  James offers practical instruction. He wants people of faith to look in the mirror and see Jesus staring back. James encourages perseverance and putting faith into action.  Learn to think, speak and do the right next thing, just like Jesus.   ​

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5-week study

In a world of upheaval, trials, and trouble of various kinds, maybe you’ve wondered, “God, where are you?” Then, for such a time as this, perhaps the book of Esther is for you. Come and see how God is always working behind the scenes.  Learn to see His miracles big and small.



4-week study

Life is full of heartbreak. None of us live unscathed by it. How do we keep bitterness from taking root in our hearts? Enjoy the remarkable story of Ruth. Through her life, see God’s redemption and restoration on display. Find the antidote to bitterness in God’s grace!

simply bible study book i ii peter

i & ii peter

11-week study

Overwhelmed by suffering? Welcome to Peter's message of hope. Peter assures us that suffering can be used for God's glory and for our good. He renews our call to trust God, live obediently and submit like Christ. His message will transform the way we think and live. Forever.

simply bible study book psalms


12-week study

Learn how to be gut-wrenching honest with God in prayer. Whether in lament and sorrow or thanksgiving and joy, the psalmist sang. We can too. No "playing church" here; this is soul-baring prayer at its best.  Come and learn to sing a new song!

genesis 37-50

8-week study // The Life of Joseph

Genesis ends with the awe-inspiring life of Joseph, one of Jacob’s twelve sons.  Overcoming betrayal and trials of various kinds, Joseph delivers an unforgettable example of perseverance, faith and forgiveness.  Better understand the history of the twelve tribes of Israel. Know and enjoy God’s blessing through Joseph.


23-week study // Can be broken into two 12 week studies

John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, provides first-hand testimony into Jesus’s life. John writes so that others might intimately know Jesus too. Gain assurance, hope, and enjoy the love of Jesus.  Whether a seasoned or beginner Bible student, studying the Gospel of John always leads to a heart makeover.  This is a must read.


8-week study

Ever struggle with a sense of never being good enough?  Break free with Jesus. He alone is enough. Begin in Acts to take a quick peek at Paul’s own stunning heart transformation. Then ponder Paul’s frank and passionate message to the Galatians, a window into a heart set free.  Experience grace, learn to walk in the Spirit, and bear His fruit.


7-week study

Why live in spiritual rags?  Know who you are.  In Christ, you are rich!  EVERY divine blessing is yours. Loved by God. Seated with Christ. You are His good work. So put off the old and put on the new.  Learn to walk worthy. When we know who we are, we know what to do. No more living in spiritual poverty! 

genesis 1-11

8-week study // In the Beginning, God…

Everything hinges on “the Beginning.” Consider light versus darkness, good versus evil, and life versus death.  See the introduction to work, rest, relationships, control issues, marriage, parenting, bodies, food, souls, nakedness, fear and so much more.  Be surprised by our Creator Who invites us into the garden.  Know His goodness and rest.

genesis 12-33

12-week study // The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob

In Genesis chapter twelve, Scripture zooms in to take a close look at one particular family: Abraham, his son Isaac, and then, his grandson Jacob.  Through this family all the world receives God’s blessing.  Journey with God to better understand His covenant promises and unfailing love. (Spoiler alert: Unfailing love exists!)


5-week study

Looking for more joy? Contentment? Gratitude?  Find these in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. He gives encouraging and friendly insights to godly maturity by pointing to Christ’s example of love and humility. Learn to rejoice in the midst of trials.


5-week study

Feeling trapped in the daily?  Take time out and learn “to set your mind on things that are above.” Through Paul’s letter to the Colossians, be reminded that in Jesus, you are holy.  Set apart. Loved. Rise above the mundane and savor worship. 



17-week study

Mark's fast-and-furious, action-packed book presents Jesus on a mission. Journey with the Christ as He saves and ushers in the Kingdom of God. The world has never seen, nor ever will see, a hero quite like Jesus!  This study will personally satisfy your deepest longing for a hero.



4-week study

How easy, in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, to miss Jesus!  Don’t be distracted from the awe of His miraculous arrival. Allow this Advent guide to lead you in a closer examination of His birth, that you might know and enjoy Him more this Christmas!  Just like Christmas carols, repeat this one Christmas after Christmas.

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