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Walk through the SIMPLY BIBLE format.

How is SIMPLY BIBLE different?

A clean & intentional framework that helps you read, understand, and enjoy the Bible.


Simply You + God

In SIMPLY BIBLE, there is no author's voice or opinions. This guide purposefully helps you to read the Bible, verse by verse, just you and God.


Built for Relationships

SIMPLY BIBLE was originally written to help foster relationships in women's ministry. With no video series or teaching curriculum, there is more time for real life connections.


Intentional Guide

SIMPLY BIBLE is built as a weekly study, with 4 days of studying and 1 day of reflection. This intentional design walks you through the entire book with confidence.

Learn in the unique way God created you.

SIMPLY BIBLE is a guide to help you connect with God's word on a personal level. 

This daily framework offers a fresh way to dig into Scripture by focusing on one book of the bible, a few verses at a time. 

With 8 sections to make observations, take note of  key words, ponder main points, record prayer, and more.

Learn more about SIMPLY BIBLE.

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