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Knowing God through the Bible


Rather than answering someone else’s questions, learn to ask your own.

No fill-in-the-blanks. SIMPLY BIBLE allows you to engage the Bible for yourself, verse by verse.

Angie S.

It is not only gorgeous, but well planned and organized with plenty of room to dive deep into the Bible. Thank you for a wonderful tool!

Danielle N.

SIMPLY BIBLE has changed my relationship with God. I never knew how to read the Bible on my own. Now it's my favorite thing to do!

Michelle B.

SIMPLY BIBLE teaches you how to do an inductive Bible study. I'm going through John and noticing things I never have before. It's amazing!

Creative or logical.

Messy or neat.

You be you.

You can stay in the lines or scribble pictures in the margins. Study the Bible in your own way.


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I now know how to read the Bible!

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