Know and enjoy God through the Bible.

Simply you and God.

Does reading the Bible ever feel daunting or unfulfilling? SIMPLY BIBLE is here to help. Our simple and sustainable approach to reading scripture will teach you how to connect directly with God and enjoy Him through His word.


Do you feel as if you’re reading the Bible but missing out on a true relationship with God? Discover the heart connection you’ve been missing. SIMPLY BIBLE guides you to know and enjoy Him through the Bible. Just you and God.

Everyone deserves a simple and effective way to know and enjoy God.

Bible study shouldn’t feel like rocket science. SIMPLY BIBLE offers resources to help you confidently explore the Bible and experience God. Well-designed workbooks provide the framework. Videos, blogs, community, and more add encouragement and support.

SIMPLY BIBLE fosters relationship.

Inductive study maximizes group time and develops skills to cultivate real relationships and conversations. We welcome leaders to implement SIMPLY BIBLE in their churches, ministries, and small groups and watch how it truly transforms hearts and minds.



Angie S.

"It is not only gorgeous, but well planned and organized with plenty of room to dive deep into the Bible. Thank you for a wonderful tool."

Danielle N.

"SIMPLY BIBLE has changed my relationship with God. I never knew how to read the Bible on my own. Now it's my favorite thing to do!"

Michelle B.

"SIMPLY BIBLE teaches you how to do an inductive Bible study. I'm going through John and noticing things I never have before. It's amazing!"

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